Jeff LeBlanc, Vice President of Customer Support and Engineering Project Management. Burlington, Massachusetts.

Jeff LeBlanc, Vice President of Customer Support and Engineering Project Management, Burlington, Massachusetts

Jeff is from Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and majored in Business Management. By 1992, Jeff was working as a security officer for a large financial institution.  He eventually worked in their operation center, managing more than 4,000 monitored locations and later became a Project Manager. This role included managing the installation of complex access control systems and designing vaults and safes.

From there Jeff became a Program Manager and was involved in the implementation of an enterprise physical security system across multiple facilities. His responsibilities ranged from site hardening related to how people access secure locations to developing new industry standards for access control, video monitoring and alarm systems.

In 2010, Jeff joined G4S Secure Integration  as a Lead Engineer Project Manager and Account Manager for the financial sector. In this role he organized and prioritized new projects coming into the company’s software solutions division. He was also responsible for acquiring new clients and developing proposals to help customers utilize our OneFacility product.

In 2012, Jeff was promoted to Vice President of Customer Support and Engineering Project Management. On a daily basis Jeff handles issues coming from customers.  He also helps develop better standards for account management to give our customers more input in product development.

“I like working for G4S Secure Integration  because of the lack of boundaries you can experience here … you can grow and develop yourself professionally … we have an incredibly talented team of people here, we come together to develop solutions for our clients, no matter how complex their problems might be,” he said.

The best advice Jeff can offer to anyone interested in joining G4S Secure Integration  is to “have a great work ethic, work hard, have loyalty for the company … a thirst for knowledge is also important, claim ownership of anything you do and finally keep our customers always first.”