Jeff Carpenter, On-Site Applications Engineer. Long Beach, California.

Jeff Carpenter, Systems Engineer 2, Long Beach, California

Jeff was born and raised in the Los Angeles, California, area. With more than twenty years experience, he is one of the best engineers responsible for securing a highly critical infrastructure facility in Long Beach.

Jeff began his career in 1992, where he learned to terminate cables and wire panels. He worked his way to Technician and became a Lead Technician in 1993. In 2001 Jeff began gaining more experience in engineering and began working with more advanced software applications.

In 2008, he joined G4S Secure Integration  as an Engineer, working to secure a large seaport in the Los Angeles area. Jeff helped with the installation of all access control systems, server installations and mass rate storage devices. At that time, another large and complex project began developing in the Long Beach area, and Jeff was placed at this location to begin configuration of a wireless system to connect all security equipment.

Jeff likes working for G4S Technology,  because, “the people are great … this company has really interesting projects that you just can’t be involved in with a smaller company … G4S Secure Integration  goes after large projects that are complex, challenging and require us to stay at the forefront of technology … it forces me to keep my skills sharp.”