Joseph Pandolfo, Tier 3 Technician. Burlington, Massachusets.

Joseph Pandolfo, Tier 3 Technician, Burlington, Massachusetts

Joseph is originally from Mawa, New Jersey, where he attended Ramapo College and specialized at a technical school in Systems Administration Engineering. While going to school full time, Joseph worked as an IT manager for a large law firm. At the same time, Joseph ran his own IT consulting business, which he operated for more than 10 years.

Looking for a little more stability in his career, Joseph joined G4S Secure Integration  in 2010 as a Tier 3 Technician. In the hierarchy of the video and alarm monitoring center, a Tier 1 Technician interacts with most customers and solves most issues. When an issue cannot be resolved by a Tier 1 Technician, it has to be elevated to a Tier 2 Technician. If the Tier 2 Technician cannot solve the issue, it is escalated to someone like Joseph, a Tier 3 Technician.

As a Tier 3 Technician, Joseph is required to have a high level of communication skills and technical knowledge to be able to resolve complex issues as efficiently as possible for clients. In some cases, a Tier 3 Technician also acts as a consultant to help customers develop a smarter plan to protect and secure their facilities.

Joseph enjoys working for G4S Technology, pointing out that “there is never have a dull moment working here. We deal with so many different clients and different sites, and with so many different kinds of hardware and software… it can be challenging to resolve a complex issue, but at the same time, very satisfying.”