Khoa Dang Do, Systems Engineer 2. Omaha, Nebraska.

Khoa Dang Do, Systems Engineer 2, Omaha, Nebraska

Originally from Vietnam, Khoa and his family came to the United States in 1993 and lived in the San Jose, California area for two years, after which they moved to Omaha, Nebraska. Khoa attended the University of Nebraska where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and a master’s degree in Telecommunications.

Khoa has been with G4S since 2006. In his current role, he performs different tasks every day — from repairing advanced security video cameras and access control systems to assisting with proposal development.

Khoa reports: “I like working for G4S Secure Integration  because I work with a great team of people. My coworkers and my boss have always been willing to help me … there is an open-door policy here; you can talk to anyone if you need help.”