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Tracy Senstock, Engineering Manager, Torrance, California

Tracy was born in Nebraska, attended Southern Illinois University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology. After college Tracy joined the United States Air Force; where he served as an Electronics Technician. His main responsibility was to calibrate and repair precision test equipment. From there, Tracy began working in information systems and ran several large networks.

Tracy retired from the military in 2005, and joined G4S Secure Integration  as a Systems Engineer, working with the business development team at the corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska,. In 2008, Tracy moved from Business Development to Operations and transferred to Torrance, California.

In 2012, Tracy was promoted to Engineering Manager. His main responsibility is to oversee all the projects in Southern California from an engineering perspective, and from design to implementation. Tracy works closely with Project Managers to develop proposals for new projects.

He also does a lot traveling to help other divisions with wireless configurations, network configurations and video systems on the west coast.

“After retiring from the military I was attracted to G4S Secure Integration  because of the challenging environment … every single day is different … we push the edge of technology, and we are in a unique position in the industry because we can integrate systems that other companies can’t,” Tracy said. “G4S Secure Integration  takes care of its people just like in the military … we are a family here.”

The best advice Tracy can offer to anyone looking to join G4S Secure Integration  is “this industry is very technical and complex, the key to success is a combination of detailed electronics training and real world experience.”