Meet Our People

G4S Secure Integration  represents the most progressive, flexible and efficient companies in the security technology, telecommunications and facilities management industries. G4S Secure Integration  is a part of G4S, the largest private security provider in the world. In this section you can meet some of our employees, hear their stories, and get to know them.

G4S Secure Integration  operates throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and beyond. The company’s headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska, with regional offices in Torrance, California; Burlington, Massachusetts; Centennial, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; and several others across the country. G4S Secure Integration  clients include Fortune 1000 companies, state and federal government institutions, energy facilities, ports, airports, healthcare providers, colleges and universities.

Employees of G4S Secure Integration  in the United States will tell you that this company offers many opportunities to grow professionally because the nature of our business is challenging, competitive and complex. Our employees design, engineer, develop,  apply, maintain and monitor some of the latest technology in security, telecommunications, facilities management and intelligent transportation systems.

As part of the G4S Secure Integration  team you will also have the satisfaction of knowing the work you do makes a significant difference. Our employees help protect critical assets every day. Some do it by designing and building complete security systems from the ground up. Others do it manufacturing and installing access control, video and building management systems. And others do it by monitoring and offering technical support to hundreds of facilities as part of our Video Monitoring and Support Center.

G4S Secure Integration  employees have many opportunities that can take them around the world. They get the chance to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This diversity is what makes this company unique.